Who Created It?  


Meet Candice 

Candice created Mindsetget as a place for individuals to come together to build a better mindset. The number one thing that can stop us from trying anything we want to do in life is our mindset, and having overcome her own unhealthy mindset she wanted to give back with a place for others to connect, learn, grow and share to develop themselves and others. 

In her professional capacity Candice works as a real estate agent, helping her clients build wealthy mindsets, you can learn more about her real estate business below.


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What Is It? 

Mission Statement

Change never happens alone. Every person you meet who comes into your life touches it in someway. 

If you are truly passionate about changing your life, you can't do it alone, no one can. Studies show that when you set goals and have a community of others who are there to support you during your progress, you're much more likely to succeed, and Mindsetget is the place to meet those who can touch your life forever, and help you create permanent change. 

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Where Do We Meet? 

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 COVID Created This

It's been a time like no other and our lives have been forever changed. Mindsetget was created as an online forum to help individuals maintain connection with each other virtually. We will be meeting regularly online with the goal to help each other break through some of the loneliness and isolation. 

Don't worry, this too shall pass, and when it does you'll have great new friends to meet with IRL (in real life). 

When Does This Take Place?

Building Habits For Change 

It takes about 30 days to build a new habit. By meeting together regularly online you'll work to constantly improve your mindset and develop your goals. 

As with anything in life, you get out what you put in, and it's about consistent effort over time. So sign up below and get notified of our regular events so you can join and start changing your mindset for the better. 

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Why Should I Join? 


Make Your Goals Matter

If we haven't given you enough reasons to join, then maybe this isn't for you? 

This is place for serious change, it takes work and commitment to make things happen, so join now and learn how you can change your mindset today.