How To Push Yourself to Achieve Your 2021 Goals

We all have goals, this is one thing we all share in common. We have goals for what we want for our lives and the lives of our family and friends. Yet, studies show that setting new year resolutions doesn’t usually work, and many times we can set the same goals over and over again each year and not achieve them. So why is this? Well it could be the fact that you’re not connecting with your goals. To set and achieve a goal you really need to feel connected to it, it needs to really inspire you to push yourself past the uncomfortable because it in the uncomfortable that we truly create the best version of ourselves.

In this post below we’ve listed some ways you can truly set and achieve your goals for 2021:

Set S.M.A.R.T Goals – Make sure your goals are Specific (simple, sensible, significant), Measurable (meaningful, motivating), Achievable (agreed, attainable), Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based), and Time bound (time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive). Setting goals in this manner helps you truly have a plan in place for how to achieve your goals and takes some of the mystery away from setting goals that are hard to qualify. When we set very specific goals, it forces our brain to really focus on the why of the goals, and what actions are really needed to achieve them.

Get Close To Your Why – Many of us set goals that aren’t truly ours, but things we think we should have or things society wants us to have. If you’re constantly setting the same goal and not achieving it the problem might just be with the goal. Maybe the goal is not a true part of you or what you want, and it needs further examination. Studies show that when we truly connect with a goal and feel connected to it on an emotional and mental-level it helps us carry out the physical actions needed to accomplish it. So when you’re setting your goals sit down for a moment and think about why you really want this goal, what will it truly give you in your life and does the work needed to accomplish this feel like it’s worth it for the payoff of achieving that goal.

Set Smaller Goals First – It can be easy to get caught up in setting big goals and we should all have big goals, but sometimes it can be tough to see the forest past the trees, and if you set yourself a goal that is too big past your comfort zone then it might seem impossible to achieve which might force you to quit before you even get started. Instead, start a bit smaller and think of a goal that is slightly outside your comfort zone. Something that still makes you nervous to achieve but seems a bit more doable. When you do this and achieve this goal, your brain gets motivated and confident to know it can achieve more and then you can set bigger and bigger goals.

Celebrate The Wins – We usually look at goals we failed at and think how we could have done better, but we hardly look at what we did right. It’s been said that success leaves clues. So not only should you be celebrating the big wins and the achievement of goals you set in your life, but you should also be looking at these wins for the ways in which you were able to achieve your goals, and apply this strategy to other goals.

Find an Accountability Buddy – The road to success can be lonely, and just like any goal once you achieve it there will be another goal you’ll want to achieve. Having someone along for the ride can help you to keep yourself in check, and they can help you brainstorm why your goals aren’t being met or if there is something bigger at play. It has been shown that working with other like-minded individuals to accomplish things is better than trying to go it alone. So next time you’re feeling stuck with your goals, reach out and look for an accountability buddy you can explore your goals with so you can help motivated each other to success.

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