What is an Accountability Buddy?

Lately, the idea of teaming up to accomplish your goals in life has become the latest thing. Maybe it’s because of the current pandemic environment that we feel the need to reach out to others, or maybe it’s because we all have become a little wiser realizing that working the accountability buddy system really does work. No matter what has made you turn your attention towards an accountability buddy partnership we’re going to list out below how you can find and use an accountability buddy to make sure you have a mindset of achievement.

What is an Accountability Buddy – An accountability buddy is a like-minded person who you can work with to set achievable goals together. Your accountability buddy should have a similar desire as you to achieve their goals. The worst thing would be to have an unmotivated accountability buddy which defeats the purpose. You want an accountability buddy who is going to push you, challenge you, and make sure you set and achieve your goals. So choose one wisely, because it’s better to match with one or very few accountability buddies instead of having a larger group where it might be tougher to focus.

Who Should Be Your Accountability Buddy – An accountability buddy needs to be an exchanging of the minds experience, you should be at a similar-level in achievement for your goals. The reason being because an accountability buddy is a symbiotic relationship you want to be able to give to your buddy and receive support. So for example, if you already run a business, it might be tough to team with a buddy that doesn’t have an established business yet, as you both might not be going through the same highs and lows. The same can be said for exercise, if you are already a marathon runner, have a good understanding and relationship with food and are trying to push yourself the next level, it might be tough to team with a buddy who might just be on the start of their exercise journey. You don’t need to be exactly the same in every level of your life, but commonality is a good place to start to establish a similar mindset and similar goal setting.

How To Find An Accountability Buddy – Finding an accountability buddy can the toughest part, and it can be as difficult as dating. One great place to start is with your network. Ask yourself if you already know a friend, someone at your work, or elsewhere who you feel has the same drive or mindset as you, and ask them if they’d be open to being your accountability buddy. It’s usually best if you can have a specific subject in mind as opposed to a “life” accountability buddy. So for example, it would be good to find an accountability buddy for fitness, your business goals, dating, etc. Having a focused area of your life for you and your accountability buddy to work together on will make sure that your efforts and goals can be more focused and more easily achieved. If you don’t know people in your immediate network, head to the social networks. Use Facebook groups, Instagram, and other social vehicles and throw it out there. Find other groups and ask if there are others who want to work on achieving the same goals as you. Then do some interviews, it can be a process but if you take the time to really get to know others and are open to work hard to find a good accountability buddy it can pay you back two-fold for all your effort.

How to Work With Your Accountability Buddy – Everyone works differently, so you and your buddy can work together to find a groove that works for you. Maybe you both have a goal spreadsheet that you can work from where you list your goals for the week, month, and year, and then go from there. Maybe you have an entirely different system for tracking your goals. The goal of the accountability buddy relationship is that you should be accountable to achieve your goals with your buddy and be open to being vulnerable and sharing any fears or concerns as to why you might not be achieving your goals.

Again the accountability buddy relationship can take a bit of time to establish. So if you feel you’re with the right buddy give it a bit of time to work out. However, if you feel you’re not gaining anything from the partnership, don’t be afraid to be honest with your buddy and see if you can strike out again to find your perfect accountability fit.

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